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Sedation Dentistry

60%* of people suffer from some form of dental fear.  Many do not visit the dentist for regular checkups because they are too fearful or suffer from dental anxiety. 

Sedation dentistry offers an excellent way to provide a safe, anxiety-free dental experience to those who are afraid of the dentist.

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Sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry”.  Actually, while using dental sedation patients are awake and responsive.  Conscious Sedation Dentistry works to calm anxiety and help patients relax during treatment with no pain and generally little memory of the procedure.

Sedation dentistry offers several benefits to dental treatment:

  • Dental anxiety is alleviated.
  • There are few side effects.
  • More can be accomplished during each visit.
  • There is no pain.
  • Patients are perfectly safe.
  • Dental procedures seem to take less time.


What are my dental sedation options?

At Parkwood Dental we offer oral conscious sedation and IV sedation, the most common and effective dental sedation options.  With these sedation options different levels of sedation can be controlled depending on individual needs.  Before choosing any sedation option Dr. Halbedl will analyze the patient’s full medical history and note their current medications.

Oral Conscious Sedation is an excellent choice for people who fear needles.  Oral medication is provided as a pill prior to treatment in order to induce a moderate state of sedation.  Although oral sedatives do not cause sleep they help the patient relax.  After dental treatment most patients cannot remember any discomfort, smells or noises associated with the procedure.  Usually, a pill is taken prior to the appointment and another during the procedure as required.

IV or Intravenous Sedation is a moderate type of sedation.  Patients often report feeling like they slept through the entire procedure.  It is administered via direct injection into the bloodstream, which means the effects are immediate.  Sometimes patients feel groggy and sleepy when treatment is completed.  This is why it is important to bring a designated driver for the drive home.

If you are concerned about receiving the dental treatment you need to protect your dental and overall health, Sedation Dentistry may help you relax.  Please call us with any questions you may have about sedation dentistry or any other dental concerns.  Call (336) 835-5579.

*  DentaVox study reported by Dental Productions Report.


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